4 Facts about Breast Cancer Senior Men Need to Know

Only about 1 percent of breast cancer cases in the United States occur in men. Though this number may seem small, it’s extremely important for men to be aware of their risk of breast cancer, especially in the senior years. Here are some things elderly men need to know about breast cancer.  1. The Symptoms …

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Mindful Aging: A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation Practices

Since the benefits of regular meditation are so great, an increasing number of seniors are becoming interested in the practice. As with any new activity, meditating may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually quite simple, and anyone can do it. Here are a few tips to help your senior loved one get started.    …

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6 Tips for Helping Seniors Quit Smoking

Smoking can cause and worsen a variety of health complications. From lung cancer to heart disease, high blood pressure, and respiratory illnesses, seniors are already at greater risk for developing issues that can be impacted by smoking. If you have a senior loved one who smokes, you can help him or her stop now with …

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5 Effects of Aging on Heart Health

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart and the various parts that help it function well. It’s an essential system that keeps blood flowing to all parts of the body, and it can also be affected by some of the things commonly associated with aging. Here are five ways this can happen and some tips …

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Understanding the Differences between Acute & Chronic Pain

By clearly understanding the difference between chronic and acute pain, family caregivers can ask leading questions to determine what type of discomfort their aging loved ones are experiencing. This is especially beneficial for seniors with conditions like Parkinson’s disease or dementia-related conditions who may have difficulty verbalizing and describing their pain. By making positive lifestyle …

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7 Healthy Goals Seniors Should Set for Themselves

Having goals is essential for seniors because it keeps them actively engaged. Older adults can feel more confident when they achieve goals and look forward to taking on the next challenge. Below are some healthy goals seniors should try to work toward.    1. Go Gluten-Free Removing gluten from the diet is a goal aging …

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What Helps Aging Adults Get Better Sleep?

Many elderly people experience insomnia, which can be related to medical or psychological disorders, medication side effects, or simply the fact that they don’t require as much sleep as they used to. Whatever the reason, it’s important that seniors get enough restorative sleep so they don’t get overly fatigued. Here are some ways you can …

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Dietary Changes that Can Lower Cancer Risk for Seniors

Did you know it’s possible to reduce cancer risk every day just by making healthy dietary changes? Opting for foods loaded with cancer-fighting nutrients can protect the body’s cells from deterioration and damage, keeping your senior loved one happy and healthy for years to come. Consider these dietary changes to fortify your loved one’s natural …

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