5 Fun Ways Older Adults Can Boost Arm Strength

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As they age, many seniors often lose strength in their arms. However, there are measures they can take to prevent this. Here are five fun activities seniors can do to build their arm strength. 


1. Flexes & Rotations 

Ask your loved one to make a fist 10 times and then rotate the wrist forward in 10 small circles. Get your loved one to move his or her arms further apart while making the circles. See how far your loved one can spread his or her arms without stopping and then finish by rotating the shoulders in small circles. 


2. Swimming in the Air 

When it’s too cold to go swimming outside, your loved one can always enjoy swimming in the air. Have your loved one cup his or her hands, with the right hand out in front and the left hand at the shoulder. Next, ask your loved one to change hands as if he or she were doing the front crawl. 

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3. Reaching for the Stars 

For this exercise, your loved one can sit on the edge of a chair. Encourage your loved one to reach straight above the head with his or her left hand while pretending to grasp a star. Your loved one should “pull” the star down and then reach out with the other hand. To make this activity more fun, ask your loved one to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” 


4. Flapping 

Ask your loved one to sit with the elbows by the sides and then place the palms together in front at chest height. Encourage your loved one to see how quickly he or she can bend and unbend the elbows. 

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5. Seated Jumping Jacks 

Get your loved one to stick both hands straight up in the air, then have him or her bring the hands together above the head as if doing a jumping jack. See how many your loved one can do in 30 seconds.

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