6 Ways to Make Caring for an Aging Parent Easier

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When an aging parent needs some assistance on a regular basis, it’s often one family member who becomes the designated caregiver. Figuring out your parent’s needs and finding a healthy balance with your own responsibilities and needs is a healthy and efficient way to fill this role, but it’s not always such a simple task. Below, you’ll find six ways you can make caring for your aging parent easier. 

1. Size Up Your Parent’s Care Needs

Assessing your parent’s current care needs can make things easier for both you and your loved one because it helps you come up with a care plan that’s good for everyone involved. Pay particular attention to: 

  • Basic safety and security 
  • Needs that are a priority right now 
  • Cognitive health 
  • Medical and health needs and concerns 
  • Daily care needs involving hygiene and similar tasks 
  • Any related financial concerns 

2. Consider Your Needs & Capabilities

Once you know what your parent’s care needs are currently, think about your own needs and capabilities. If care will involve physically demanding tasks like transfers from bed to a chair, for instance, determine if you’re able to handle needs of this nature. Also, factor in how well you normally get along with your parent and how accessible you can be if he or she remains at home. Be honest with yourself and understand what you’ll be taking on.

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3. Be Willing to Ask for Help

Things will be a lot easier for both you and your parent, especially as caregiving needs gradually change over time, if you get into the habit of reaching out to other family members for some extra help when necessary. Simply having a trusted friend or family member to talk to can be helpful emotionally as you provide care. 

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4. Make Your Parent Part of the Process

Have regular conversations about your approach to care and how you’ll provide it for your parent to reduce the risk of conflicts or misunderstandings. This extends to keeping your loved one in the loop if there comes a time when care-related decisions need to be made. Unless there are unique circumstances involved, a good starting point is to provide less intrusive care and gradually increase assistance as needed. 

5. Focus on Home Basics

Seniors today often prefer to age in place in their own homes. If this is a goal your parent has, make care easier by ensuring the home is as safe as possible. Regularly check for safety and fall hazards such as loose rugs, poor lighting, and clutter. If necessary, discuss appropriate home modifications that could make things easier for you and your parent. 

6. Explore Senior Care Options

At first, it may be fairly easy to juggle the demands of caring for your parent and your own personal needs. However, over time, care needs can change and become more time-consuming. Be prepared for this possibility by knowing what senior care options may be beneficial for you and your parent. Options include: 

  • In-home care provided when needed 
  • Senior transportation and meal delivery services 
  • Input from a geriatric doctor specializing in senior health needs so care routines can be adjusted 

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